Who We Are

Magha Hearing. was establish in 2004 and deals with the importing and distribution of the highest quality hearing aids to meet all the needs of the public.
Magha brings the same high quality parts as larger companies with a small company appeal and unmatched customer care. With its large network of support that includes training, technical support and repairs, you will always leave satisfied and confident that you have received the best product and service.
The unique quality of being an independent importer means that Magha is able to source brands that meet their standards in terms of quality and function. Any product that Magha decides to distribute is scrutinised over by the team of hearing professionals within the company.
  • Free Consulation
  • Quality Products
  • Professional Experts
  • Affordable Price

Why People Choose Us?

We offer extensive hearing services for our patients recommend

Choosing Maghahearing means that you will experience patient care tailored to your specific needs, from your comprehensive diagnostic testing to the exceptional follow-up care we provide each patient. We believe that a strong patient-provider relationship, based on honesty and integrity, is the best approach to making sure you you do not miss any of the precious moments in your life. We know that your overall health depends on healthy hearing.
The first step to hearing well is knowing where you have gaps in your hearing. We look at your entire health history so that we can see the complete picture and know how to make the recommendations that will help you hear well, address all your listening needs, while taking into account your overall health.
Whether this is your first hearing assessment, or you have been seeing an audiologist for decades, you can count on our team to address your concerns regarding your hearing, advise you of the latest in devices, and provide reliable follow-up care.